Under Cabinet Lighting Installation Solutions

Professional Under Cabinet Lighting Installation Solutions
Clearwater Electrician Under Cabinet Lighting ContractorWhat we can do:

  • New Under Cabinet Locations
  • Cove and Above Cabinet Lighting
  • Replace Existing With New
  • Re-lamp Fixtures
  • Retrofit Existing Fixtures
  • LED Fixtures
  • Low Voltage Halogen Fixtures
  • Fluorescent Strip Fixtures
  • “Hockey Puck” style Fixtures
  • Dimmers
  • Remote Control Switches

Kitchen Lighting Renovations
Overhead lighting has been the standard in most areas of the home for quite some time. However, in the kitchen, under cabinet lighting is often preferable. When working with food, an under cabinet light provides illumination that a bulb in the ceiling cannot match. Plus, it gives the room a modern and unique look that many homeowners find attractive.

Under Cabinet Lighting for Convenience

How many times have you washed a dish in the sink only to find later, under better light, that a few spots were missed? With under cabinet lighting, kitchen work areas are directly illuminated. This creates a much better place to prep and cook meals, and of course, do dishes afterward.

An under cabinet light is in a place that is out of the way, but in just the right spot. There are many types of bulbs to choose from and many different lighting fixtures as well. They can work on a dimmer switch to adjust the intensity of the light. Some models can also move independently, so you can focus on a particular area of the counter.

The Best Bulbs for Under Cabinet Lighting

The first thing to consider, when deciding which under cabinet light is right for you, is the type of bulb you will use. There is, of course, the Plain-Jane incandescent bulb which provides a fairly inefficient but very familiar type of light. Most under cabinet lights are, however, a bit more exotic.

Fluorescent bulbs are particularly long lasting and energy-efficient. However, one problem with fluorescent bulbs has always been the unappealing light they produce. They just don't look as good, and they cast their weird glow over everything they shine on, giving items that should look wonderful an odd, alien appearance.

\\Server\Data\Estar\Residential\Marketing\Website\Pictures\Misc Pages\Halogen UCL.jpgHalogen bulbs provide a crisp, clean light that in a kitchen really looks good.  Though the light is appealing, the heat they create often is not. Halogen bulbs burn very bright and very hot, but not for a very long time. While they might look the part, the initial expense of buying them, and the (relatively) frequent replacements that will be required make these bulbs a turn off for some.


Xenon bulbs give off a desirable light, don't burn as hot as halogen bulbs, and can last up to 5 times as long. Your best bet for choosing the right kind of bulb is to have a look at them in the field. Check out how they look and, just as important, how they make other things look.


The newest trend in under counter lighting is the LED lamp fixture. This type of lighting is by far the most energy efficient of all under counter lighting types. LED lamps are cool to the touch and have the longest life rating. Some manufacturers rate their LED lamps at 20,000 hours.


Installing Under Cabinet Lighting
Installation of under cabinet lighting can be a very simple and straightforward operation. Many fixtures can be purchased that will be easy to put up, even for those with little to no home improvement experience. These fixtures are simply screwed on and plugged in. If you are building a new house, or doing a complete kitchen remodel, you might want to consider something more elegant. When these lights are kept in mind during construction or renovation, they can be installed to look nearly invisible when off, but provide excellent light when turned on. The fixtures that screw in often have to be operated from a switch that is directly on the light, or plugged into a socket that is connected to a wall switch. Built in fixtures will operate using a regular wall switch or dimmer switch. Installation by a Professional Clearwater Electrician is recommended for these installations.

A Professional Electrician at Hart's Home Services would be happy to discuss your under counter lighting projects with you.


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